Enhancing Curb Appeal in the Winter

Winter curb appeal is an often overlooked feature of your home.   The snow often comes suddenly and we are just not completely ready.  During the early spring and melting season, it is the time to start cleaning up! 

Stand back and take an objective look at your home and the light of day and at night.  To help you get started, ask yourself the following questions. 

Are the numbers on your home bold and clear from the street? 

  • Even more important in the winter, your address needs to be seen.

Are the lights showcasing your home?  Do they provide functionality? 

  • Just like inside, lighting is key, not only for day to day use, but for safety too! 
  • A hanging chandelier enhances your porch at relatively low costs.
  • Remember to check that all your lights are working. 

Is your holiday decor still up?

  • Update your wreaths and displays for the current season.

Don’t forget the mailbox!  A great and functional accessory often gets left behind in exterior tidy.  When left to the elements, rust and wear often creeps in. . 

  • A simple paint often does the trick.   Remember to remove and paint inside to avoid spills and allow for paint to dry in the winter months. 

Are you interested in nature?

  • Our feathered friends enjoy a cheerful bird house.   Attracting the winter colourful song birds for enjoyment from the inside and out.   Planning on selling this adds easy winter interest.  

Are your planters looking a bit scruffy? 

  • There is still time to enjoy your winter planters! Replace the fading evergreen boughs with fresh early bloomers like forced forsythias,  pussy willows or even some more greenery from some overgrown evergreens.  

Are visitors or potential buyers stopping by?

  • Keep your snow shovelled and paths neat and tidy.  
  • Use pet safe salt on those icy spots for your safety and those of your guests and four legged friends. 
  • A neatly shovelled drive invites your guests and if selling, potential buyers to your home. 
  • Perhaps a friendly neighbour,  or ask at the area schools for students that need to earn a few extra dollars.   

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